Collections Management

Streamline collections to accelerate cash flow

nThrive’s suite of Collections Management technology manages and resolves open receivables, converts denials

Healthcare providers struggling with rising A/R days due to unresolved accounts, denials and variances can improve their cash flow with automated collections processes

Collections Management

Collections Management analyzes A/R workflow and the root causes of denials, then automates and manages processes so providers meet cash collection goals and decrease denial write-off rates
  • Resolves open receivables
  • Drives maximum productivity with technology-enhanced workflows
  • Accelerates cash flow
  • Improves revenue yield

Client success

  • 12% decrease in denial rate
  • 16% reduction in collection denial write-offs
  • 6% drop in A/R days within 6 months
  • 102% of cash goal collected within 2 months
  • 57% drop in monthly denial write-off rate
  • $100M in cash collections over and above a one-month goal

Collections Management modules

Collections Management

Automated and customizable business rules to manage A/R management processing and yield highest revenue.

Collections Analyzer

Allows analysis of current A/R workflow and team management, enabling the ability to pivot and adjust as needed.

Denials Management

Automates and accelerates identification and resolution of claim and service-level denials. Included in Collections Management and also available as a standalone solution.
Client success
  • Arizona health system reduced denials by more than $1M per month
  • Client tripled denial collections/payments in six months
  • New Jersey health system achieved a 49.9% increase in collections in one year
  • Southwestern health system experienced a 16% reduction in denial write-offs, 3.5% decrease in denial rate and 12% increase in denial cash acceleration in one year

Denials Analyzer

Enables staff to detect patterns and trends to help identify root causes and track volume of denials.

Did you know:

65% of claim denials are never resubmitted

Industry average claim denial rate is 5-10%

Hospitals or health systems with a 10% claims denial rate average a potential loss of:

$3.7M (150-200 beds)

$15.9M (500-600 beds)

$44.3M (2,000-3,000 beds)

Why nThrive

  • Innovative: Uses Robotic Process Automation to automate transactional data and improve productivity
  • Scalable: Supports single hospitals to large multi-entity health systems
  • Accurate: Denial mapping is driven by an advanced payor specific denials management engine that moves beyond simple code mapping and can utilize CPT code, modifiers and identify false denials
  • Flexible: PAS and EMR agnostic

Need to decrease your A/R days?

See how a large Southern healthcare system reduced A/R days by 26% using nThrive Collections Management

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