Contract Management

Close scrutiny for complex contracts

nThrive’s suite of Contract Management technology calculates the exact reimbursement owed by all payors, including government contracts, commercial contracts, insured and uninsured patients

Healthcare providers being underpaid by complex medical contracts need tools that monitor and precisely calculate what they are owed

Contract Management

Contract Management accurately forecasts, calculates and captures total revenue contractually owed and models scenarios for future contracts
  • Provides accurate forecasting of revenue based on complex medical contract terms
  • Identifies systemic payor issues
  • Supports negotiation of more favorable contracts
  • Identifies underpayments to recover lost revenue and resolve recurring issues

Client success

California healthcare provider increased collections by $500M+ over the past 10 years

California healthcare provider reduced contract negotiation time from several months to less than 3 weeks

Proven results

Contract pricing is 98% accurate across all payors
Consistently a KLAS leader since 2006

Struggling to capture net revenue in your contracting system?

Find out how a California-based provider identifies $7.3M in underpayments with nThrive

“Contract Analyzer is extremely convenient and quick for a specific report we run each month. We can easily filter on multiple facilities, contract profiles, and select specific reimbursement fields.”

Wendi Ethridge, Regional Director, Managed Care Contracting, Covenant Health

Contract Management module

Contract Analyzer

Contract Analyzer ensures payment accuracy as well as strength of negotiated payor terms as a result of its deep visibility into payor performance versus contract expectations.

Need to reduce payment variances and accurately calculate expected payments?

Discover how one provider identified $4.2M in underpayments and denials, collected $2.3M in 6 months

Nine ways to reduce underpayments

A checklist for healthcare executives

Why nThrive

  • Dedicated experts load and maintain contracts for the life of the contract
  • Exceeds federal and state price transparency requirements
  • Improves financial recovery with accurate underpayment identification
  • Offers complete government coverage, including Medicare, TRICARE, Medicaid and Workers’ Compensation
  • Projects expected profitability with contract modeling capabilities
  • Monitors entire contract portfolio at the macro-level
  • Analyzes contract performance to improve revenue streams and identify possible service line additions
  • Pinpoints and segments care improvement needs of single or groups of facilities within a multi-facility provider

Large Southeastern health system recovers more than $163 million in managed care underpayments with nThrive

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