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Transform your revenue cycle from patient access to collections and everywhere in-between

Revenue cycle management is an integral process in today's health care environment. Improving each cycle point with nThrive solutions and services is a leading strategy to sustain financial health and stability across your enterprise.

  • In the movement from fee-for-service to value-based care, hospital systems are challenged to improve patient care while reducing cost. As a result, a robust revenue cycle is essential in order for health systems to thrive. nThrive's end-to-end RCM, analytics and education solutions are capable of improving performance by integrating every step of the care cycle, starting with the first patient touch point and ending with payment for services.
  • nThrive's revenue cycle solutions are designed to be holistic. Our software, knowledge and capabilities are able to connect your organization's processes while providing strategic insights that to help you perform better so you'll be more responsive to patients. Along the way, we'll help you with data analytics and education that are crucial to sustaining performance. Achieve dramatic results with nThrive so you and your community can truly thrive.

“The fast and efficient implementation of the full business outsourcing engagement enabled our team to accelerate cash while improving productivity. In conjunction with the additional tools and technologies you put in place for us, we are now in a position to sustainably optimize our financial improvement.”

Robin Stoen, Director of RCM, Centegra Health System

Centegra Health System