Robotic Process Automation

According to "Becker’s Hospital CFO Report," some organizations have increased their team capacity from 35 to 200% with RPA, enabling their resources to focus on higher-priority, problem-solving tasks.
  • Early adopters of RPA are reducing labor costs by 30% or more depending on how and where the technology is deployed, resulting in greater speed-to-value and efficiency while freeing limited resources to focus on higher value work.
  • Software bots can replicate the average time to process a claim in seconds versus minutes. It takes a person three minutes and 14 seconds on average to work each XX7 ICN/DCN claim, versus 16.7 seconds for a bot to do the same task.
  • Deploy a scalable approach

    nThrive offers a price-per-bot scalable approach, enabling organizations to try the solution first without a costly long-term contract.

  • Go platform agnostic

    While UI Path is primarily used by nThrive, we have the flexibility to shift to other platforms should the process warrant it.

  • Ask for demonstrated results

    nThrive has experience working with some of the top hospitals and health care systems in the country, deploying many of the same bots used in our own operations.

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  • Create a guided path through Advisory engagements

    The best RPA engagement starts by identifying and mapping out processes to automate based on your business goals and objectives.

  • Combine critical revenue cycle and technical expertise

    Once your best opportunities are identified, nThrive experts can help develop bots to best meet your business needs.

  • Sustain RPA over the long haul

    Design with best practices in mind and educate your resources to achieve high value results.

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