Integrated clinical and financial services help health care thrive to the nth degree

nThrive is the most comprehensive revenue cycle resource for hospitals, ambulatory organizations and physician practices
  • Our RCM services seamlessly span the revenue cycle spectrum, increasing patient satisfaction and financial health upfront, improving accurate documentation, coding and charge capture in the middle, and optimizing reimbursements on the back-end.
  • We infuse these with education, analytics and advisory services to take your financial improvement to the nth degree. Think of us as doctors for health care, improving financial health in acute and ambulatory organizations so they can save lives.
  • Patient Access Services: Stop denials before they start

    Navigate ever-changing market forces and payor rules so you can optimize point-of-service collections and increase cash flow.

  • Mid-Revenue Cycle Services: Nail down the details

    Drive revenue integrity and compliance with our health information management, Best in KLAS* medical transcription, care coordination, clinical documentation improvement, coding and quality reporting.

  • Patient Financial Services: Fix up the finish

    Improve the patient accounting process and remedy root causes for costly write-offs, denials and underpayments.

  • Education: Fortify your foundation

    Cultivate the talents of your employees with the nation’s largest and most innovative revenue cycle education solution.

  • Advisory Services: Accelerate speed to value

    Increase margin, stimulate revenue growth, optimize processes and improve execution on an accelerated time frame with our consultants who provide strategy and implementation.

  • Full Revenue Cycle Outsourcing

    Increase value by outsourcing with nThrive. Our colleagues are empowered with the tools and capabilities needed to improve cash flow and reduce cost to collect.

Southwestern Health System Case Study

Southwestern Health System partners with nThrive to recapture $20M+ through denials outsourcing and provide much needed backlog relief during EHR transition. Click here

eBook: Five Ways to Turn Patient Access into a Revenue Generator

Learn how you can revitalize your Patient Access operation, not only to capture accurate information upfront, but also to help patients better manage their financial obligation and improve collections prior to delivering care. Click here

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