Value-Based Reimbursements

The shift to value-based reimbursement (VBR) fundamentally changes how health care is measured, paid for and rendered to patients; nThrive is here to help you succeed.


0% Medical cost trend over 6 years

*Compared to S & P Healthcare inflation in our markets

Line Graph Showing North Texas Employee Health Plan Medical Cost Trend Over 6 Years

A comprehensive approach to value-based care has proven to produce substantial savings year-over-year for this North Texas Employee Health Plan, with zero additional medical costs over a six-year period.
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  • Currently, 12 states have active Medicaid Accountable Care Organization programs, and at least 10 more are pursuing them. Timely and accurate data collection and analysis are essential, since data allows ACOs to track patient utilization.
  • 44% of physicians in 2016 reported they were in practices that belonged to at least one type of Accountable Care Organization (ACO), typically participating in a shared savings arrangement or global budget model.
  • Manage bundled payments with episode-based analytics

    Our end-to-end approach implements bundled payment methodologies to manage reimbursements under an episode-based payment system.

  • Retrospective Episode Manager (REM) and Prospective Episode Manager (PEM)

    REM and PEM solutions provide bundled payment informatics and payment reconciliation on an episode basis.

  • Managing current and future Episode of Care (EOC) bundles

    Episode Manager provides a robust platform to manage reimbursement risk, identify cost drivers, uncover clinical improvement opportunities and more.

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  • Leverage analytics to manage reimbursement expectations

    Analytics is key to measure and monitor adherence to medically recommended regimens at the patient level.

  • Build on your current contract management technology platform

    Contract and Collections analyzers support ongoing claims management and modeling for episode contracts.

  • Monitor end-to-end revenue cycle performance

    Revenue cycle Analyzer offers end-to-end visibility to unlock actionable interventions through a single source of truth.

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  • Manage the Quality Payment Program to prosper

    Our framework offers advisory services, on-demand education, analytics and powerful technology solutions for success.

  • Gain a complete solution through our Qualified Registry

    Leverage analytics to seamlessly monitor and report your QPP key performance indicators.

  • Monitor performance at clinician, group or network level

    Our tools provide deep visibility to identify root cause problems and create sustainable action plans for improvement.

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