nThrive Analytics helps manage expected reimbursements and more

Analytical support (including business intelligence and actuarial), ranks high in enabling hospitals and health care organizations to take on risk-based arrangements. Use of consistent care quality measures and the ability to monitor adherence to medically recommended regimens at the patient level are all essential to success.

nThrive Analytics now includes a suite of analyzer tools to keep your organization in front of expanding value-based services and cost model analytics.

nThrive Revenue Cycle Analyzer offers an end-to-end revenue cycle management performance solution that combines operational and financial data across the front, middle and back of the revenue cycle, providing a central source of truth and unlocking actionable interventions that drive revenue yield and reduce cost-to-collect.

nThrive Contract Analyzer is an advanced and customizable solution that elevates the nThrive Contract Management solution to the next level by providing immediate insight into contract and payor performance.

Integrated Solution

Expand your contract management capabilities to include value-based reimbursements

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Case Study

California-based provider streamlines contract negotiations, contract and business office identifies $7.3 million in underpayments

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