MIPS Qualified Registry and Analytics

The Quality Payment Program (QPP), which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) launched in 2017, has the potential to increase profitability based on program incentives, but also the potential for negative financial impact. Understanding the QPP compliance requirements and deploying the most effective processes and reporting tools can position hospitals and health care organizations for the best quality and financial outcomes.

nThrive's mission is to equip clinicians and their organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to manage QPP and prosper under its complex requirements. Our framework offers advisory services, on-demand education, analytics, and powerful technology solutions to enable success.


    Goal development to optimize capabilities, manage risk and drive growth down to practice level


    On-demand education to ramp up all staff on MIPS and APMs


    Assess and benchmark clinicians' performance scores


    Monitor quality performance and reimbursement key performance indicators


    Utilize change management to improve quality performance and value-based reimbursement


    Submit quality, practice improvement and advancing care information data

We offer a complete solution through our Qualified registry, leveraging analytics to seamlessly monitor and report QPP key performance indicators and help achieve desired quality performance goals. Our tools provide deep visibility into the performance of an individual clinician, group or network, as well as the ability to compare clinicians against a defined cohort, region or national network.

Download our case study on North Mississippi Health Services. Learn how they leveraged the nThrive registry to report MIPS data and gain maximum adjustment in Part B, fee-for-service reimbursements. Read our blog on NMHS here.

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